Work Place Ergonomics - Seating Tips

Seating Tips

Chair image 1 The Back - Pick a chair shaped to match the natural contour of your spine. Backrests that are height adjustable provide customized comfort and support.
2 The Arms - Armrests help keep your arms in a comfortable position, reducing shoulder, neck and back strain. For intensive Computer Usage, Computer Adjustable Arm rests should be considered.
3 The Seat- Seat and back foam must be dense enough to fit human form. Look for "waterfall" seat cushions that slope down at the front of the chair. This improves circulation to your lower legs.
4 The Controls - Multi-tilt and articulating mechanisms let you vary your position while maintaining maximum support.
5 The Lift - The gas cylinder height adjustment mechanism lets you customize your seating position with a smooth, easy, one-handed action. Feet should be comfortably placed on the floor to reduce pressure on thighs.
6 The Wheels - Good chairs have casters for easy mobility. Get the right kind for your floor. Chairmats can also be utilized for ease of movement on carpets.